Hello. My name is Kenneth. Welcome to my blog. Neth is my nickname, simply the back half of my name that my good friend called me one day and it stuck. This blog has been a long time coming. Like any undertaking, the timing has to be right and now it is time.

I am:

14671168_10154578897558187_1887121230080752431_nChristian, Jamaican-African-American, foodie, Dallas Cowboys/ NY Mets fan, mama’s boy, school counselor, nerd, jock, martial artist,OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) addict, sarcastic, enigmatic, brother, son, proud uncle, cousin, nephew, friend, rival, impatient, stubborn, determined, invincible, vulnerable, hopeful, emotional, dynamic,crazy, air breathing ordinary man…..

In other words, I am an embodiment of unlimited potential. So are you.

I have no clue what this is supposed to be or what it will become. I just hope and pray that you who laugh or cry or just shake your head at the utter ridiculousness that I post are encouraged and blessed and inspired to do that thing that only you can do in that way only you can do it.  We don’t fit into boxes because we aren’t shoes, we are created for greatness.

Be unlimited…….