A Counselor’s Journal

1486822500819-1934588771One man’s struggle to stay sane during his daily adventures as a NYC high school guidance counselor.

Working as an educator is like running outside buttnaked during a blizzard – it is complete exposure to the elements with nowhere to hide. Any job has its normal mess: broken printers, budgeting issues, not enough of this, too much of that, challenging coworkers and confusing policy etc.  But the “elements”, the kids, they bring the pain, they bring the frostbite. Sometimes they burn you so bad that there’s no choice but to amputate that affected part of your soul.

There is no quarter. There is no mercy, no commercial breaks or injury stoppage time. There is nowhere to hide. The full fury of the weight of society in these kid finds you with accuracy and ruthlessness.  Nothing is off limits.

If you ever wondered why happy hour starts at 3pm when most working people are out 5pm or later…….

Limp to the weekend, run to winter vacation and sprint to summer break.

Saving the world 8 days a week. Welcome to my Journal.