The Chronicles of Ryde Express (The C.O.R.E.)

This is the definitive ongoing story of what one man does to stay sane on his daily train commute.
It has been said that the destination is not as interesting as the journey.  I will use the word “journey” loosely because it sounds romantic and nostalgic – it’s not.

 This is a human Discovery Channel special where I am the narrator, director, hunter and prey all at once. People unleashed on other people in a no holds barred reality show as seen through my eyes. Take notes, study hard and you might survive.

This is daily agony.

This is proof of how real the struggle is.

This is the definitive satirical scientific experiment of what happens when you fail every single day to go to sleep on your commute.

This is hell.

This is the pain train express.

This is commuting.

Ryde hard or stay home.