The Walk

What has been consistent in my life since I was 4 years old has been my Christian faith. What has been inconsistent has been various interpretations of what that faith really is supposed to be and actually means. Too much of the time what is taught and what is walked are two different things. Growing up in church left me unsatisfied in many areas where life did not pan out the way I hoped and prayed that it would have. This clearly and obviously means that I am a miserable failure as a Christian. …….right?

The discussion of the subject of frustration during a life of faith is usually packaged in a nice shiny box that always has a nice ending. The steps get harder to take when “it” continues to not work out in the way one would think it should as per the oratory exploits of some of the leaders. I have come to understand that one of, if not the biggest, turn-offs to a life of faith in God is the lack of conversation of practical application in an impractical world.

“It’s weird.”

“It’s fake. ”

“It’s a crutch.”

“It’s corny. ”

“I don’t need it.”

“I’m tired of believing.”

“If God is real then why did/does _____ happen?”

“The people are fake. ”

The Walk is my opportunity to shed light on when real life issues meet real life faith. Questions ponderings, discussions and debates are all welcome as the pot get stirred. There is too much pain and hurt in the world for a weak Christ, cheesy Word and a corny church. I would rather have real talk and get real results than continue to dabble in something that only has the staying power of one day out of the week when trials, hardships, discriminations, violence and evil never take a day off. Let’s get real, let’s get emotional, let’s get after it.