Chapter 37: Hidden or Hiding?

Seeds can lay dormant for years. The full potential of what it is located within itself……just……waiting. Seeds require the correct environment to draw out their potential, otherwise they….just….sit….and… wait. Sparing you lessons on my limited knowledge of agriculture, you plant a seed, you water it, and it grows. Boom. The end, amen, Selah.

The facts are some seeds take years to germinate. Even the right environment a seed can remain hidden, in fact in can be just as hidden in the earth as it can be hidden in the package it came in from the gardening store.


The question is are you hidden and developing or just hiding and waiting?


Technically seeds do not hide. Nothing immobile can hide. To hide something is to place it under wraps, away from the view of others. We make it as undetectable as possible. If “seeing is believing” then the lack of sight is where unbelief thrives.

This entry is more me writing to me than anyone who reads this. The difference between being hidden and hiding is simply environment and intention. What keeps someone hiding, like a seed in a bag, is fear. We cannot see your potential because the seed is no longer in the open. It’s in the closet, in the drawer, on the shelf, anywhere but where it needs to be. It needs to be in the soil, deliberately hidden in the dirt.

Whether in the closet or in the ground they both have one main thing in common – they are undetectable to eye. In either case, you cannot see the seed. That is where we get messed up. Our life situations are judged all the same: if we cannot see it happening it is therefore not happening. Sometimes it is elements of fear, doubt, self-preservation, intimidation, trepidation, or the “paralysis of analysis” that keeps someone hiding in the seed package.


For one, the sun exists to give life and light. You can clearly see what is and what is not developing in the sunlight. Scariest thing about being in process is to be caught out there with no evidence of production.

What are we processing if we cannot see it?

We live in a results based society, if I can’t see it, it’s not real. No one has time to praise the grind, because grind occurs in the dark, hidden. The grind is dirty, gritty, muddy, there nothing pretty in the underneath. But that is where the minerals are, the elements that are needed for growth are also hidden. Too often we want to break free from the underneath, tired of being hidden, streaking towards production at the cost of developing what will sustain us. The hidden grind is where deep roots are developed, that can seek water and nutrition and sustain when the winter comes and the light is not as bright or warm.

Or we can hide.

Hiding is safe. No sun, no exposure. It’s dark and dust can be a kind of pretend soil, it’s dirty but dry with no nutrients. It is a facsimile of the real. No growth occurs in the safe hiding place. The safety of the shell of the seed keeps locked all the potential away from both success and failure. It is familiar place, the dark and dust and crowded conditions of the seed bag create discomfort and sometimes pain, the dull kind. Discomfort is a security blanket and yes you can master pain, once it is familiar, it serves the purpose to let you know how far you can go. It is a leash. A limiting factor that determines for the individual what they are allowed to do and be. To become unleashed, you have to venture to where pain and discomfort becomes unfamiliar and embrace uncertainty.

No one willingly buries themselves underground, but they will lock themselves in their room. It is the knowing that the sun is indeed out but choosing not to experience it that gives the power of option to those who hide. “I choose to stay here” is a false positive, it allows you to justify being petrified.

I choose to stay in that relationship……

…….at that job

…….in this environment

…… this debt

……..outside of my dream


Why? There is death. Seeds die in the soil, they are no longer seeds, they become something else entirely unrecognizable. What they were is discarded and left to die as potential is released. Funny thing about potential, it does not look like what it was or what it will be. This is a message that can never be fully milked. I am writing this to me, I hide more than I should and buck against being hidden. Jesus was hidden in plain sight and when He sprouted in due time, He rocked the world and rocked it so hard that we are still talking about it today……

Reminder to self: The wait is worth it.

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